5 Mindblowing tips to boost freelancing to next Level

Take your Freelancing to Next Level.

Take your Freelancing to Next Level.

Some of you are already aware of these tips but we will help leverage these tips to get more out of you for you.

1.Always get some advance payment.

For guarantee of 100% payment, you should require a condition of 50% down payment.
In freelancing, the main issue faced by freelancers is that they work hard but they got stuck during the payment phase.If client is a genuine person, he will surely agree upon down payment. If he doesn’t, time to show a red flag.
Once you received your payment,start working on it.
Upon completion of the project, before delivering any functional project, ask for the other 50% payment.
Show your client the demo, but don’t deliver all files to him unless you get all the payment.
This will secure your hardwork.

2.Stay focused on your freelancing

Pick one or more services and then focus on them.Always agree on the work that falls in your expertise.
Once you are confirmed with the services you have expertise in, start establishing your brand identity.
Write everything in your website and add keywords of your services in the content of the website.
Show your portfolio in the website and start creating content to showcased around your expertise.
This will help boost up your freelancing level and create a brand identity in the international freelancing business.

3.Be Fair with your customers.

Your business is within you. Be transparent and fair with your clients and show your identity.
That’s the thing you must be proud of, you must showcased everything to your client. If I am a client and I am paying money then I must know who I am giving my money.

Shape your identity in some other effective way you like, but try to be personal. When a client agrees upon all conditions, add them in your social accounts and be personal with them.
This help making it transparent and build trust.

4.Track your record.

Your freelancing is your business, love your business.
Keep track of all in and outs in your business.
You must work according to these points to run a successful freelance business.

  • Your Business Revenue ( How much you spend per month? )
  • Content worth Traffic ( Keep track of the content which is most acceptable ? )
  • Transaction rates and content activity ( Keep track of all transactions cut down through freelancing platforms and then give rates to client,Keep track which pages are more viewed and which need to be removed? )

5.Consider signing a contract on every project.

You need to sign a contract that covers some basic info and thats it.
Your contract terms should cover these basic terms

  • The work you will provide to your client must be original and will not be copied.
  • Client’s confidential information will be kept safe.
  • The payment terms (How and when client will pay you? )
  • You and client has the right to terminate the project and will choose a way on which both agreed upon.

This step will most importantly informs the client that how you will work.

I hope if you follow these 5 basic tips then this will help you take your freelancing to Next Level.
Stay tuned for more.

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