Uber is currently using undercover agents : According to court letter

Car riding firm : Uber

Car riding firm : Uber

According to US Court,it is confirmed that uber has set up a covert unit tasked with stealing competitors’ secrets and engaging in undercover scrutiny.

It is critically proved in The riding firm’s legal battle with Waymo, the self-driving car company that blamed the ride-sharing company – uber of stealing its technology.

This letter, sent by lawyers of a previous company’s employee, provoked an internal investigation when it was sent to Uber in May, but its still not made public.

In an official statement, Car riding company said: “While we haven’t vindicate all the claims in this letter – and, importantly, any related to Waymo – our new leadership has made clear that from now we will compete honestly and transparently, on our ideas and technology.”

The claims in the letter were made by Richard Jacobs, who worked at company until February,2017. He left after an affair in which he felt he was unfairly downgraded. Soon after that, he sent the letter claiming the lawlessness.

“These tactics were employed covertly through a distributed architecture of unknown servers, telecommunications architecture, and non-assignable hardware and software.” written in the letter.

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Honourable,Mr. Jacobs settled down with the company for $4.5m (£3.4m), and he also accepted that some of what he wrote was in fact not true, especially the comments about Waymo’s trade secrets.

Although,many other details in the letter have already been confirmed, including an occassion in which riding firm accessed the medical records of a woman who blamed a driver for her rape.

Other claims include company’s employees posing as protesters for accessing private online chat groups.

In one specifically bizarre example, Mr Jacobs alleged that an Uber “scrutiny team” was sent to a hotel in order to record and observe conversations between executives of an enemy company – the name of which has been censored from the other version of the letter which was shown to public.

Especially, those agents wanted to check the competitors’ reaction to the news that Uber had got a large amount of money from a Saudi investor.

Resentful judge

The discloser of the “Jacobs letter” has been a tragic turn of events in the Uber v Waymo trial, which had been on the line from earlier this month but has now been adjurned until February.

Judge William Alsup was made aware of the letter’s existence by the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California, which is currently enquiring the riding firm on many other matters.

Last month in the court, Judge Alsup adminished company’s legal team, blaming them of suppressing evidence.

“I can not trust the comments of the lawyers for Uber in this case,” Judge said.
“We should have to put the trial off because if even half of what’s written in the letter is true it would be a huge inequity to force Waymo to go to trial.”

Meanwhile, Uber is going to do anything to regain employees the old ways of working, under expelled chief executive Travis Kalanick.
“There is no place for such experiences or that kind of behaviour at Uber,” wrote Tony West, Uber’s general counsel, in a note written for employees.

“We don’t have to following folks here and there in order to gain some competitive advantage. We’re better than ever before.
We will fight and we will win because our technology is better, our ideas are better, and our people are better. Just give some time.”

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