Common Wealth Games : 99 years old swimmer breaks world record.

Common Wealth Games : 99 years old George Corones.

Common Wealth Games : 99 years old George Corones.

An Australian old man named George Corones, who will become 100 years in March 2018 shattered a previous record of swimming. He achieved 50m divestar in 56.12sec at Commonwealth Games. He was abandoned in his age group. The Australian had been impotent to claim previous short course records because of the privation of robotic functioning apparatus at the pool where he swam many times.

This race was just dramatic for old Corones to smash the record that was made by his age group person named Briton John Harrison in 2014. He made a record in 1 min 31.19 sec which is now breaking by Corones.

In 2013,Corones told to Australian Broadcasting Corporation that “I was swimming as a youngster before the second worldwar. But after retirement at the age of 80, I took it seriously and come back for swimming just as a exercise.” He also told that “It was also a typical swim for me, well I managed it.. and then I was ready to hit the tough barrage with my hand.”

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