Couple Donates All of Their Money to Cancer Research.In 2012,the couple who Gambled On Bitcoin

Couple who gambled on Bitcoin.

Couple who gambled on Bitcoin.

Prices of bitcoin touching sky with five-digit figures, “bitcoin” has been a viral topic in media for the last few months – and most of people did not even know its existence.

Well this smart couple, however, invested in the innovative cryptocurrency when it was selling for $800 per bitcoin in 2012.
After Five years, they got their jackpot. BTC’s price soar higher and higher.

But this young couple has a deep love for humanity,and instead of taking advantage of the financial upboost, Halle Tecco and Jeff Hammerbacher just announced that they have donated all of their BTC earnings to the MUSC Hollings Cancer Center in South Carolina.

“We made a cynical bet on bitcoin in 2013. It’s ended up surprisingly well,” they wrote on twitter.
“We are very excited to made public that we’ve donated it all to MUSC Hollings to further cancer research for welfare of mankind.
Cheers for the crypto’s philanthropists.”

“What we believe that it’s one of the first BTC donations to a medical school,” says wife. “But we hope that there will be many many more!”

The couple declined to say how much their investment boosted up now in total, but CNBC estimates that the value is to be ranging in hundreds of thousands of United States Dollars.

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