Donald Trump is testing 30ft high walls numbered in eight for bordering with Mexico

For examination eight prototypes are used in San Diego as Donald Trump looking to complete one of his promises from key campeigns.

These walls stand like huge buildings in the California : MVP of Donald Trump’s proposed “huge and splendid” border wall between Mexico and United States.

30ft high eight slabs are the first soft part of the disputeable project that the President Donald Trump says will assist America in solving the immigration problems.

For this project eight construction companies were appointed to display their walls.
Their products are now under testing process by Officials from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

During campeigns Donald Trump promises about this wall. However, few people think whether building a 2000 miles long wall is practically possible or not.

Donald Trump's new border between US and Mexico

Donald Trump’s new border between US and Mexico

CBP will have responsibility for the wall, claims that its existence delivers a very important message.

“The attention that these MVPs have brought to a global audience has given us the opportunity to send the message,” said chief Mario Villarreal, CBP division.

Donald Trump's new border between US and Mexico

Donald Trump’s new border between US and Mexico

“The message that we’re a splendid country, the strongest country in the world, and for those who want to hop in to United States we suggest that they prefer legal ways.”

However, enemies of the wall said that it conveys a different message.

Enrique Morones said: “Without any doubt, this is a borderwall of hatred. It says to the world, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’

“We are aware that the majority of the population of the United States is not supporting these walls. This si just for show, there is no money for it.”

Officers of the United States said the building of the current barrier between United States and the Mexico in the San Diego area has more numbers of people trying to cross the border illegally.

628,000 people were caught trying to cross it illegally in 1986. In last year it was 31000.

However, campeigners say that the end of people trying to find other ways to cross border has been killed among would-be migrants.

At the place of San Diego’s Friendship Park, the families who are seperated due to border talk through the fence regularly.

The officials recently opened a gate in the fence to allow a few families to meet each other for a very short time.

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