Facebook launches new Friend’s appreciation award for Friend’s day

Facebook's new friend's day award.

Facebook’s new friend’s day award.

Facebook which is the tech giant now a days and continuously soaring great heights of achievements due to its popularity is now focused on friend’s day. According to this unique feature, you will select friends individually and against each friend you will select a reward and an animated image will come out which you can share with your friends and let them know your thoughts.

This unique feature works on built-in templates to share thoughts, alongside with an option to add picture of selected friend and add usual caption as well. This unique thing symbolizes the teamwork and determination of friends who built Facebook and their friendship power as well.

It also add some other unique features for entertainment of its users and continually adding new features as well. It also introduces a three friends unique theme frame to show friendship bond of three friends also some short videos session to share with friends.

Facebook is very focused on friendship goals and keep people updated and engaged with its uniqueness.

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