Facebook launches Sophia : The Robot under its AI supervision but the Facebook’s head of AI don’t like it.

Facebook's AI head angry at this Robot

Facebook’s AI head angry at this Robot

AI community launches a new robot named Sophia but it is very non-persona and it is not like humans and the facebook’s head in AI isn’t satisfied and is unhappy. But the creator of this robot is kept asking that it is a very fantastic robot and is not inhumane although missing nerves in it.

In today’s time, AI is getting more and more attraction and it is more hot topic than any other topic. But the community is worried as sophia is getting more and more media coverage and it is giving the world misleading ideas about the approach of artificial intelligence.

Main problem is that the Facebook’s head in AI community is responsible for managing this whole project and is now facing questioning. He mentioned this thing a “complete bullsh*t”.

Sophia replied to his tweet and said that “I am trying to develop my intelligence through new experiences and I am not pretending to be who I am”. Let’s get clear this tweet’s reply was given by a robot pretending to be human.

He is worried as sophia is damaging the AI world very hard and is misleading the world due to its unaccomplished thoughts and mismanaged technology. Creator of sophia is also posing in public that this robot is more than great in AI community and will kept soaring great heights of success from now. He is saying that Sophia raised the standards of AI community and will be more involving in the technology from now.

Lets see how this thing takes turn from now in the coming technologies.
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