Haier launched new smart watch with a built-in projector

Haier Smart Watch with Projector.

Haier Smart Watch with Projector.

Haier introduced an innovative smartwatch named Asu at MWC 2018, which isn’t just for practical purpose. It hides a tiny projector on its right-side. That uses your hand’s backside for screen. Its features are really amazing. If you tap phone numbers on the watch they would show on your hand’s backside. I guess that could be a clever way to share your number. That is not enough; you can also interact with this watch by touching on your hand.

The projector’s resolution is 480×854 pixels. You can even draw a permanent tattoo on your hand by drawing a picture on 1.54 inch touchscreen. The Asu has 1.2GHz microprocessor. It has many other features like heart sensor, 4G LTE and many others. When you are running it can also display the distance and time that you covered. You can also pause or finish your workout by just double tap on your hand.

Haier company announced that they planned to introduce it in china for selling purpose.

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