Head of China Airbnb : Resigns

Airbnb China

Airbnb China

Head of China and Global vice president of Airbnb, Ge Hong who was leading the company in china has step aside from the company and leading towards a new role in the company.

The US company – Airbnb confirmed that Xiao Jinhong will become head until they find a new chinese head with required skills. In accordance with this change, Airbnb announced that the co-founder and chief strategy officer Nathan Blecharczyk will now be awarded with chairmanship of Airbnb China.

During his resignation, Ge Hong commented that he wanted to settle back for some time, but he did not mention the reason for his resignation nor he shared his future plans.

Ge Hong joined Airbnb in 2016 and he was granted with Airbnb global vice presidentship and headship of Chinese region in 2017,June.
Further, Ge was the leader and mentor of Airbnb Chinese product and technology research and development team.

Before becoming a part of Airbnb, Ge played a leading role of technology director in Facebook and he was used to work for Google before joining Facebook.

In September 2017, during an interview Ge revealed that Airbnb achieved rapid growth in the Chinese domestic travel market over the past year and the total number of places booked for domestic traveling was very close to that booked for overseas traveling.

There are a total of 120,000 active hosts of Airbnb in China and about 2.5 million people used those hosts, so there is an increase of 287% in growth.

Although, Ge left has departed from the company only after four months he took the new head role.

Airbnb : China

Airbnb : China


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