Hiut Denim company : Big hit

Hiut Denim Jeans

Hiut Denim Jeans

What it takes to stitch a jeans, a quality jeans. A new company which starts with a few workers and low machinery in hand started the business. Now starting from london and now it supplies jeans all around the world. Workers still work by hand to do the finishing of jeans and maintain its standards.

The Viut Denim company has been the main supplier of jeans for the past 5 years in europe and is progressing by leaps and bounds. A very committed company with committed workers is what makes a company ; a company.

This company has it and they are working very hard to maintain the quality in the world and never lower its standards. Located on Wales’ Irish sea coast is the Viut Denim. The company has a capacity of 240 jeans per week and are determined to increase their supply acoording to the market demand.

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