Apple publishes iPhone SE 2,release date, latest clamor, UK price, specifications & features

We provide the latest information about the iPhone SE 2 ,the release date, technology specifications and rumours about UK price.

iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 : Release date

We were expecting an all-new iPhone SE 2 to launch in March 2017, as we know that the original iPhone SE was announced in March 2016 and Apple usually updates its phone one time in a year. As it introduced a new Product RED iPhone 7 and a brand new iPad back in March 2017, the iPhone SE was only treated as a hump in storage to 32- and 128GB. We were happy to see the return of the 16GB model, but it wasn’t the update we were all looking for.

Now it seems that iPhone SE will get an update in march 2018.

A FocusTaiwan report in August confirmed that the new iPhone SE will launch in the first half of 2018. What’s new? This iPhone will be manufactured in India by Wistron – Wistron putting along the current iPhone SE.That is only if the iPhone SE gets an update at all!Pan Juitang, Huaquang Research analyst, has suggested that there would not be a new iPhone SE at all. He wrote that Apple would never be updating the 4-inch handset ever,in july. He also claimed that there isn’t enough demand for smaller devices now-a-days as many consumers are looking for large display for browsing the web, watching movies and playing games, and now the majority are addicted to 5inch (or bigger!) displays now.Although if the SE is updated, it may not be launched where you are living. Some reports claims that the new SE handset may not be available everywhere.

Economic Daily confirmed that, Apple is currently working on a low-end iPhone codenamed Hangzhou. This low-end, lower-priced model and will apparently be launched in an attempt to “get the low-end market” in countries like India and China.This report also suggests that this low-end model might launch in the second half of 2018.Another report suggests that the SE2 will be launched in India preferring to launch in other countries as well. This sounds doubtful to us, it might fits with Apple’s plans to offer a cheap handset to certain territories in the world.

Apple iPhone SE 2 : Price

The current versions of iPhone SE are available in 32GB and 128GB. In UK, the price for 32GB model is £379; and for 128GB model,price is £479. (In comparison to US,this iPhone SE costs $399 for the 32GB model and $449 for 129GB).

iPhone SE 2 : Design

Although, iPhone SE and iPhone 5s looks similar,and people are expecting that iPhone SE 2 will look similar to iPhone 8, and they are expecting it to possess smaller dimensions.

One thing that is probably going to change is the colour options.If we talk about the iPhone SE ,then that is currently available in Gold, Space grey, Silver and Rose Gold. The iPhone SE 2 will be available in Space grey, silver, and Gold – just like the iPhone 8. The Gold and Rose Gold version have some kind of merged in the iPhone 8 and it is expecting that rather than two gold options the new iPhone SE will also gonna offer this new more brassy Gold colour option.



iPhone SE 2 will also feature a glass back – for wireless charging, feature that was an awesome feature in the iPhone X and iPhone 8.There are also possibilities that the iPhone SE 2 will have a screen with all designs, similar to iPhone X. However, this is something that could happen in the future,we think this will be at some time before the home-button-free design accomplish its way into the entry-level iPhone.It has not stopped an illustrator who imagines how it can look. Below in the YouTube video, you can see how iPhone SE2 will look if Apple give an iPhone X-like

iPhone SE 2 : Dimensions

Right now, the screen of iPhone SE is 4 inch (it is 4 inches if measured diagonally). Itself the handset measures 123.8 mm with 58.6 mm and it is 7.6 mm thick. Its weight is 113 grams.Well,the new iPhone SE dimensions can slim further. For example, the handset may be as thin as like iPhone 8 with 7.3mm width. If Apple were to manage iPhone 5S -esk design for iPhone SE, in order to imitate the iPhone 8 design, this could be possible.The new iPhone SE can even copy the iPhone X design. If it would include a bezel-free screen like iPhone X, the handset itself might be smaller.We could finally see an iPhone SE that will possess similar dimensions for the iPhone 3G, which was 115.5mm high. However, we do not expect to see a model like
it until the fall of 2018, or maybe even later.

It is also possible that the new iPhone SE – will not be even so smaller. According toMing-Chi Kuo,a KGI Securities analyst , Apple is currently working on a cheaper version of iPhone that wants an LCD TFT screen, fewer pixels and will gonna cost between $ 649 and $ 749. This iPhone screen will be 6.1 inch diagonally so that the New handsets may be even bigger than the iPhone 8’s.

iPhone SE 2 : Screen

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may introduce a 6.1 inch LCD-TFT screen on its new low-cost iPhone. While the other iPhones will feature OLED screens like the iPhone X does now. Shown below.

iPhone SE 2 Screen

iPhone SE 2 Screen

There is also another suggestion that the iPhone SE may have a 4.2inch screen rather than the current 4inch. They are making the extra .2inch possible by reduction in the size of the bezels. Although unlike the iPhone X, which has a screen that stretches to the base of the phone . However,the Home Button is expected to remain on the iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 : Specifications

According to a Tekz24 report , the new iPhone SE 2 will going to offer an A10 Fusion
chip . It is currently offering an A9 chip, as currently using in the iPhone 6S. We are gonna see a 7MP FaceTime camera with Retina Flash replacing the 5MP FaceTime camera in the current model. On the other hand, it will keep many of the features of the current iPhone SE, such as:

12MP Camera: The current SE offers 12 megapixels with a ƒ / 2.2 aperture. The iPhone 8 has a ƒ / 1.8 aperture.
No bump: Very important difference between iPhone SE and 8 is the lack of camera bump on the larger model.
The new iPhone SE camera on the back of the iPhone will also be flat.
2 GB RAM: iPhone SE is offering 2 GB of RAM.
Storage options will be of 32 GB or 128 GB.
The battery will also has a slightly higher rating from 1640mAh to 1700mAh.

iPhone SE 2 specifications

iPhone SE 2 specifications


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