Jindar Mahal defeats Xavier woods and come up in finals of WWE US Championship.

WWE : Xavier Woods VS Jindar Mahal (United States Championship Semi Finals)

WWE US Championship semi finals

WWE US Championship semi finals

As the wwe match was started Jindar Mahal was on the attack and xavier was helpless. Jindar was attacking woods from all the sides and he was able to put him down in 5 minutes or less. Then xavier turn around and smashes jindar and put him in a chin lock which was very dangerous. Woods was turning the match around but Jindar uses his power and smashed him with his elbow.

In the ring side new day and the singh brothers also fight with each other and try to assist their repective parties.
Woods was dropped out of the ring and jindar mahal remain in the ring and refree countdown begins…

Xavier saved himself from knockout and come up to the ring due to assistance of new day. The commercial begins and as it ends we see that woods get assistance from new day and jumped from a rope to jindar mahal and tried to knock him out but failed.

Singh brother distracted the new day and new day continue running after and they came out of the wrestling arena. Jindar took advantage and send woods face-first into the bottom rope and finishes the match with a Khallas.
Jindar wins this wwe US Championships semi finals.

Result : Jindar Mahal defeat Xavier Woods.

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