Why Millennials are considered more productive than any other generation? Here is answer

GoogleTopNews : Millennials

GoogleTopNews : Millennials

1. They monetize their productivity.

Microsoft have had a survey and they found out that 92 percent of Millennials do scheduled work. First they plan,then take action. This step let them know what their priorities and deadlines are, so they can have everything done on time. They keep this to-do list in their phone, instead of the notepad of earlier generations, but it’s just as functional but dast and time saving.

2. They learn from their mistakes.

Millennials spent their childhoods playing video games. Well in a game failure just meant a chance to start over again and do better the next time.
Maybe that’s why they’re so much more open to try agiain and again than their older coworkers.
This generation is satisfied with new projects, even they know nothing of it, still doing their best.
Work tends is completed much faster this way as they’re focussed on completion than perfectionism.
This helps Millennials work too quickly, and let minor errors slip through — make sure to consider whether it’s more important to done fast or done well.

3. They have a growing and progressive mindset.

Many Millennials watched their parents losing their jobs in financial crisis of 2008 .
They learned that if you don’t have safeside, you could easily get in troubles.
So, they’re constantly focused on learning more and doing their best.
If their responsibilities are changing, a young person will remain in same job for a long time.
They’ll only focus on productivity because they want to be best in competetion.


4. They are taking advantage of technology

Millennials understand technology. They grew in environment of Internet and computers. Therefore, they’re very concious about how to grasp these resources in a useful way.Say for example,if someone who doesn’t know how to fulfill a task will quickly find a YouTube tutorial that explains it.
They understand which technical resources will enhance their productivity, and use them in a progressive way, whether it’s Facebook, some app, or even timer on their smartphone.

5. They got sidelines.

Millennials are focused on side hustles due to economy,they got : teaching fitness classes, nannying, or waiting tables. A research show that about one in four Millennials has a sideline in hand.
These sidelines takes several hours per day. So Millennials are smart at time management. In this way, they can fulfill their daily job requirement and on top of that building their sideline. This results in excellence of skills with a passive income as well. That is a key reason for productiveness and efficiency of Gen Y than other generations till now.

6. They’re professionals at multitask handling.

Technology runs in Millennials’ blood. So, they can handle many tasks at a time.
If you have a job where people need to be able to handle a dozen tasks at once, a Millennial will be able to handle it with efficiency. It’s just like child’s play!

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