People are spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square : 2018

New Year

New Year

2 Million people are spending their New Year Eve in cold in Times Square.
They slipped off their warm beds and are now celebrating their new year outside their houses and celebrating the happiness of coming year.

The celebration starts at sharp 12:00 AM midnight and will last for whole night.
People are grid up their lions and are heading towards the Times Square.
Right now, the people are gathering at the place and are making their preparations for the celebration.

People even starting planning for this celebration even 2 months before the 31st December.
This is the greatest event celebrated all around the world in all religions and all people without the discrimination of cast and creed.

Times Square : New Year's Eve

Times Square : New Year’s Eve

People even pardon the people with whom they are fighting for a long time.
They accepted their loved ones and greet them with hearts.
People from far off places also visit their relatives and greet them and celebrates the occasion happily.

We wish you all a very happy New Year.
May this year brings happiness and prosperity to all people in the world who are facing misery and depression.
May God brings relief in their life.!!!!

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