Old Cell Phone can save the Rainforest

Rainforests have contain the most complex atmosphere created with sound, on the planet. In this deep noise of insects, primates, birds, and everything else that lives in the forest, illegal practices are also very much here.



How do you think the rain forest can be saved with old cell phones?

After a warm visit in the rainforests of Borneo,Topher White, doctor and engineer was stuck by the noise of the forest. Particularly, he says that he couldn’t be able to hear.

When he was walking, Topher and others came across an illegal feller cutting down a tree almost several hundred meters away from a ranger station.

This thing set him thinking that probably the best way to save the Earth’s precious rainforest is to listen to fellers and pilfers. The creation he came up with, Rainforest Connection, using old cell phones to facilotate in saving the planet in a huge better way.

Determined and strengthened to make a change for rainforests…
It is difficult to feel like our performance have an effect in solving a major issue like deforestation. We can decide to change our needs to stop the financial support of deforestation, but this do not have an effect at the main cause of this issue.

But we can, decide to support projects like “Rainforest Connection”!

Ok so let us go through the process,If you got an old cell phone you want to contribute in saving the rainforest, you can send your cell phone to “Rainforest Connection”,and if your device doesn’t work for their necessities, this donation will go into supporting the project.
You can go through the process in detail about how you can get involved with this project in the “Rainforest Connection” official website.

This is the time to innovate in saving the planet. We should feel encouraged and understand how our small actions can have a huge effect, we should also engage others to participate.


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