Rob and Kristen together again in an upcoming movie.

Twilight stars  ; Rob and Kristen

Twilight stars ; Rob and Kristen

Resources confirm that the the Twilight superstars Edward(Rob) and Bella(Kristen) will be again together in a movie. They have been pictured together now a days many a times.

In the past, they have been in many scandals and been in public news for a long time. This covers their love relationships, dates, romances and also the sad breakup.

But the latest news is that they will be performing together in a movie again and they will tie up again. Obviously they have to solve their matters before they will work together again in a project.

Resources even confirmed that Rob agrees to work with Kristen but Kristen isn’t prepared yet and she is reluctant to work with Robert in the project. But fans are desperate to see both again in a movie and they are expecting the same chemistry as it was seen in the twilight sequels.But this project is something unique, maybe they will be the same as Edward and Bella or they will be performing something else depending on the roles assigned. It all depends on story and script.
Let’s see !!!
Stay tuned for more updates.

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