Success Story of Steve Jobs : Apple’s Founder

Steve Jobs : Founder of Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs : Founder of Apple Inc.


Steve jobs is the founder of Apple Computer corporation. He was one of the most successful speculator. He was a man who changed technology forever. He changed the world of personal computer into modern era.

Early Life

He was born on 24 February,1955. As he was an unexpected baby that’s why his mother  decided to put him for adoption. His parents was not mature yet and neither married so they can’t afford his responsibility. He went to college but want to drop out because it was very extortionate.

Jobs in early life

Jobs in early life

Recalling his time the Steve said: “I didn’t have a dorm room so, I slept  on the floor of friend’s rooms, I often returned coke bottles to buy food with, and I would walk the 7 miles across town every sunday night to get one  meal a weak at the Hare Krishna temple.”

Apple’s Beginning

Jobs saw a computer that Wozniak designed for himself so At 20, Steve Jobs, Wozniak and Mike Mark kula started a company on 1 April,1976 in a garage. He named his company Apple in the memory of happy summer that he had spent as an orchard worker in Oregon. In 1970’s they worked together and introduced Apple II series of computer in the market. It was the first commercially successful line. By 1982, his company sales sagged in the face of competition from IBM’s new PC. Apple’s Inc. started a new project called Macintosh. That was introduced in 1984. In 1986, Mac achieved a great success.

Apple’s Growth

After 10 years of a great success that was starting by 3 kids, Apple computer had grown into a 2 billion dollar with 4000 employees.

Apple's Success

Apple’s Success

Steve Jobs is also a Former Chairman and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios. The firm was bought by Walt Disney Studios for 7.4 billion dollar in stock.

Job’s Disease

In 2003, Jobs got to know that he had a neuro-endocrine tumor which was nothing but a form of pancreatic cancer. However he didn’t ready for surgery, he preferred pure vegetarian healthy diet and some natural treatments for it. In this way, he kept delaying surgery for 9 months but at last, in 2004 Jobs had a surgery and the tumor was removed.

Apple : Biggest Mobile Brand

By the passage of time, Apple invented MacBook Air, iPod and iPhone which set fire on the evolution of technology. In 2008, iTunes and iPad sales were the biggest in America and Apple acquired no.1 position in fortune magazine’s list of America. He gave a huge contribution to technology. He is no more between us but his great work and quotes are still here. Today, the Apple brand is known for its great launch system.

Today Steve Jobs is not between us but his invention and his legacy will remain alive forever.

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