In ‘The Teenage Psychic’ sequel,Yao Yao will perform the lead role

The teenage psychic

(Toggle) Taiwanese actress Yao Yao (Kuo Shu Yao) will perform her role as the lead character, Xie Ya Zhen, in the second sequel of The Teenage Psychic, the hit Taiwanese supernatural drama , first Mandarin-language original series in HBO  Asia.

In HBO’s 25th anniversary yesterday, the organisers confirmed that plans for the second series are already confirmed, with beginning the shooting in July next year and the show will be aired at the end of year.

The show, which confirmed two wins at the 52nd Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan in 2017, will be directed by Chen He Yu again, who confirmed that there is high probability of cast members of the first season – such as Alina Zheng and Akio Chen.

He further added that the script is finalised but would not explain further at the moment, showing that Yao Yao had not watched the script yet. Yao Yao then replied that the privacy is the thing that worried her the most as she is frightened there would be new challenges to face.

She further said , “I do not know anything and I am at the time unsure of how to prepare for the role as I am not aware of Ya Zhen’s age in the sequel,” on which He Yu joked that she can “prepare herself mentally for it.”

The teenage psychic

She plays role of a student who was born with psychic excellence that will help the believers in the temple, she go through extreme training for this role, as she is taking lessons at temple.

She further confirmed that she has fear of ghosts and fire and is very grateful that she did not face any supernatural situations in the film shooting.

Although one of the scenes filmed in a clamored haunted house in Hungry Ghost Festival, the cast still maintained professionalism.

The actress made her debut in the media industry in 2008 as a model and walked her way to stardust by working as a host in many popular shows.

She decided to test herself for the role of Ya Zhen after watching short film The Busy Young Psychic of He Yu.

“I loved that series a lot so I deserately want to work with him. I got the lead role after getting the part and I am very previliged to be a part of this
team,” she said.

The Teenage Psychic was very successful, winning many awards at Golden Bell Awards 52nd, including ‘Best Miniseries’ and cast member Nana Lee getting the award for ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film’. The series “coming-of-age” earned six nominations on Golden Bell Awards this year.

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