Woman wins 5 Million Dollars in a lottery ticket bought Mistakenly

Woman wins 5 Million Dollars through lottery

Woman wins 5 Million Dollars through lottery

Woman lives in North Jersey and is a mother of two children, wins $5 Million Dollars Lottery and she bought that lottery mistakenly. She now can live her life easily with this money.

Her name is Oksana Zaharov, she was shopping in Manhattan and she decided to buy a 1$ ticket, but the shopkeeper mistakenly handed over a $10 ticket mistakenly. The woman said ,”When he handed me over a wrong ticket, I didn’t feel good but I go ahead and buy it. I use this ticket as a bookmark for many days until I scratch it.”

When she scratches it and found that she is the winner, she couldn’t believe her eyes at first. “I think that the ticket was fake and I can’t win,never.” She further added.

So according to the deal, she will get a down payment of minimum $5 Million and on the top of that she will receive $172,068 annually until she died. Zaharov is planning to go for a big family vacation to the Bahamas and spend money on her children.

She is now relaxed and said that now their fee will be paid without any bank loan.

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