Zayn Malik is upset from Harry Styles and didn’t want birthday wishes from him.

Zayn Malik turning 25

Zayn Malik turning 25

Zayn Malik turns 25 on 12 January 2018.
He is getting a lot of birthday wishes from his fans all around the world including his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.
He don’t want to get any birthday wishes from his ex brandmate, Harry Styles.
As he considered that this birthday wish will be a fake one from his side.

Zayn also ignored him on his birthday last year and he admitted that they were nevern be friends and will not be again. He was in contact with Liam Payne after leaving the brand in 2015.


He said that he and harry didn’t have any relationship as they were just partners and not friends and he further added that even during the brand practices we don’t often talk to each other.

Zayn was cheerful as Ryan give him a very pleasant birthday present.
He even shared the birthday present on instagram as well.
People are so amazed that these two guys are so close to each other.

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