From flip-phones to microblading: this week’s fashion trends

Anna Torv in Mindhunter

Anna Torv in Mindhunter. Photograph: Netflix

Going up

Anna Torv
AKA Wendy in Mindhunter. A masterclass in retro corporate chic.

Spelling it out
A single-letter pendant is no longer enough; it’s about spelling out your favourite designer with your jewels – see Dua Lipa’s LA style.

Motorola Pebl
 Flip it

The Motorola Pebl
Old-school flip-phones are back, thanks to Samsung and Nokia reviving the slider. Deja vu, or a glitch?

Holiday homewares
Lusophile is our fave one-stop-shop for decor inspired by, and crafted in, Portugal.

The milky way
Doorstep deliveries are on the rise – dairies credit Blue Planet II.

Fire pits
A Love Island hangover and garden accessory of the summer.

Going down

Fans of big, bushy eyebrows are now opting for “brow lamination”, whereby hairs are chemically straightened. Honestly.

Neverending neons
For the love of our retinas, let’s send this trend back to the 80s.

Red neon open sign
 Bright lights. Photograph: Getty Images

Crease offerings
Steamery Stockholm’s cute, minimalist hand steamers beat risking unreliable hotel irons.

Underwear then outerwear
Reverse layer instead, which Man Repeller says means bras over shirts and skirts over dresses.

Cottoning on
Hemp is the eco fabric du jour.

Bus beauty shaming
Just point to the picture of Courteney Cox using a quartz face roller at a restaurant.


Author: Moli